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The Keeling Curve Prize 2024

2023/11/24 / Boletín SIUN, Vicerrectoría de Investigación, UNAL

Cierre: 12 de febrero de 2024

The Keeling Curve Prize is more than a financial award – it jumpstarts growth for countless deserving climate leaders at the pace required to achieve meaningful and lasting emissions reductions across the planet.

Applicants come from more than 109 countries worldwide (Colombia is included) and represent emerging markets, BIPOC- and women-led organizations, and some of the world’s most under-resourced, vulnerable communities. After a rigorous review process led by a group of experts, 10 winners are awarded $50,000 each to scale and succeed.

Prize Categories:

Applicant Type: 

Deadline – Application: Monday 12 February 2024 – 23:59 International Date Line West time zone (IDLW) / Tuesday 13 February 2024 06:59 Colombian time

The KCP is awarded by the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP).

Further information: website of the prize; application form; 

[Boletín SIUN 658, 23/24 de noviembre de 2023]