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Lus Teresa Gómez de Mantilla, current Vice-Rector (2019- )

Luz Teresa Gómez de Mantilla(Photo credit: Laura Berrío Flórez)

Professor Luz Teresa Gómez de Mantilla majored in Sociology (1978), holds a M. Sc. in Philosophy (1985) and a Ph. D. in Art and Architecture (2018, dissertation «Revista LIFE en Español, 1955-1965: O de la poética del giro ecfrástico en América Latina» (LIFE en Español magazine, 1955-1965: on the poetics of the ekphrastic shift in Latin America), with honours) from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

She is a tenured, titular professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá campus, where she belongs to the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Human Sciences; she has been academic deputy dean (1988-1990; 1992) and dean (2000-2002), and director of the Interdisciplinary Programme for Community Support (PRIAC, for its Spanish language initials). She also heads the research group on Sociology of the symbolic (Sociología de lo simbólico).

Professor Gómez's work focuses on sociological theory, methodology, rural sociology, political sociology, sociology of the symbolic and, more recently, social analysis of the art—she pioneered this field in Colombia by creating “Sociology of the Art”, a subject she has been teaching since 2015. She has also been a professor at the Master degree programmes on Sociology, Education, Housing and Environment.

On the other hand, her research has focused on rural sociology, urban sociology, university educational policies and university extension. She was also part of an expert group, hired by Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Colombian Agency on Science, Technology and Innovation-Colciencias, in order to analyse five public Latin American universities, their autonomy and legitimacy.

Professor Gómez has also worked as a consultant, with studies such as «Análisis del componente social de las políticas de FONADE» (“Analysis on the social component of the policies of FONADE—Financial Fund for Development Projects,” 2011), «Las zonas críticas de interacción entre los ciudadanos y los funcionarios» (“Critical areas of interaction between citizens and public servants,” for the Bogotá's Mayor Office through the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Human Sciences at UNAL Bogotá campus) and others about university extension with U. de Antioquia and U. del Valle.

Professor Gómez has been awarded the Medalla al mérito universitario (Medal for university merit, 1999), Docencia excepcional (Outstaning teaching, 1999 and 2001) and the Gerardo Molina Order (2018), among others. She published in 2014 her more recent book, La sociología en El capital de Karl Marx (“Sociology in Marx's The Capital”). She has also published many papers in scientific journals as well as chapters in academic books.

Professor Gómez has been adviser to the Direction of the Bogotá Institute for Culture and Tourism during the administration of Mayor Antanas Mockus Sivickas, and dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Art at the Central University of Bogotá. She has also been a peer reviewer of the Sociology programmes at U. de Nariño, U. Santo Tomás, U. Externado de Colombia and U. de Antioquia.

Professor Gómez took office as Vice-Rector of Research on 31 January 2019.

(31 January 2019; English version: 1 February 2019)