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Duties of the Vice-Rectory for Research

The general duties of the Vice-Rectory for Research, as established by Article 6 of Acuerdo 113 of 2013 of the Superior University Council (modified by Acuerdo 168 de 2014), are:

  1. Formulate research and extension policies for the articulation of the missional duties (teaching, research and extension) in coordination with the Academic Vice Rectory, to be considered by the corresponding collegiate body.
  2. Guide and coordinate the execution of the policies within its responsibilities in the different University levels.
  3. All the other duties assigned to it by the Superior University Council or the Rectory.

The Vice-Rectory for Research is the managing office of the Research System (SIUN) of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, whose duties are:

  1. Strengthening and supporting the researching activity dof the university's academic staff, through strategic research projects and programmes.
  2. Managing the funding to research groups in diverse disciplines and knowledge areas, according to each one's development level and research work career, from their creation until their consolidation and international recognition.
  3. Fostering the articulation between research groups, promoting the continuity of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work on the national level, and easing their relations with national and international institutions.
  4. Consolidating research through the existent curriculums and promoting the creation of new doctoral programmes.
  5. Supporting teaching for researchers through graduate scholarships and their participation as teaching assistants.
  6. Strengthening research evaluation and monitoring processes as an integral part of the Research System, guaranteeing the pertinence and academic quality of research, extension, technology development, innovation and artistic creation results.
  7. Supporting the domestic and international dissemination and outreach of results and other production deriving from research, innovation, technology development and artistic creation.
  8. Promoting research internationalisation, through the continuous interaction between our researchers and their international academic peers, ensuring their insertion into the world academic community.
  9. Creating and strengthening interaction channels with the productive sector and the Colombian State, as a procedure for appropriating and transmitting knowledge to society, in particular referring to companies devoted to innovation and technology development.
  10. Managing the resources for infrastructure, equipment, laboratories, and bibliographical, documental and information resources supporting research activities.
  11. Procuring and raising internal and external funding nationally and internationally, as well as strategies in order to have access to funds for supporting artistic creation, technology development, transference and innovation projects.