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Amanda Lucía Mora Martínez (2014-2018)

Amanda Lucía Mora Martínez

Photo credit: Unimedios

Professor Amanda Lucía Mora Martínez majored in Chemistry af U. del Valle (1992), and holds an M. Sc. in Chemistry (1997) and a Ph. D. title (2006) at Industrial U. of Santander.

Prof. Mora is an associate professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, affiliated to the School of Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of Medellín campus, where she leads the Reseach Group on Biomolecules Production, Structuring and Application (PROBIOM).

Professor Mora was the National Director of Research and Laboratories from 14 August 2014 until 10 May 2018.

(Spanish: 19 Jul 2017; English: 19 Jan 2018, updated 11 May 2018)