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Duties of National Direction of Research and Laboratories

According to Article 3 of Resolution 1221/2014 issued by the Rectory, the following are the duties of National Direction for Research and Laboratories at Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

    • Leading its own processes (research and laboratories) seeking quality, integrality of institutional systems articulating its management and articulation with other processes.
    • Designing articulation strategies between research groups or between artistic creators, leading to the development of strategic projects, strengthening of its research lines and searching solutions for social, political, economic and environmental problems, among others.
    • Promoting the development of research and artistic creation, through internal calls for grants as part of its programmes, plans and projects, and alliances, agreements and projects with other national and international institutions.
    • Leading programmes, plans and projects focused on equipment modernisation and on acquisition of cutting-edge technology in the laboratories of the university, as well as achieving quality standards and complying with the current regulations.
    • Designing strategies allowing articulation between laboratories, in order to strengthen and develop the institutional missions, with high quality standards.
    • Managing the research and laboratories information systems.

    DNIL is part ofUNALco's National Committee of Research and UNAL's National Committee of Laboratories, acting as their technical secretariat, in an advisory, non-voting capacity, and is also part of the Directive Board of Vice-Rectory of Research.