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Francisco José Román Campos (2018-2019)

Francisco José Román Campos 

(Foto: Archivo Unimedios)

Professor Francisco José Román Campos majored from Electrical Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1975, «Diseño económico de líneas de transmisión» —Economical design of transmission lines), and holds a specialisation degree in High Voltage Technics and Measurement from University of Karlsruhe "Fridericiana"—current Karlsruhe Institute of Technology— (1982, «Elektrostatischer Feld Berechnung mit NASTRAN»—Electrostatic fields calculation with Nastran—), a M.Sc. in Electrical Power from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1988, «El campo eléctrico de las líneas de transmisión»), a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (1995, «The Influence of a floating Electrode on the Breakdown Voltage of a Complex gap») and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, both from Uppsala University (1998,  «Effects of Electric Field Impulses Produced By electrically Floating Electrodes on the Corona Space Charge Generation and on the Breakdown Voltage of Complex Gaps»).

He is a tenured, titular professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá campus, where he heads the Research Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC-UN)at the Faculty of Engineering, founded in 1992 as the successor of the Research Group on High-Tension (GIAT), created in 1981.

Professor Román's research focuses on electric discharges and autonomous phenomena, particularly lightning strikes with atmospheric origin, standing out at the study of floating electrodes.

He has worked at the Bogotá Telecommunications Company (ETB) and researched, besides those institutions where he studied, at University of Guanajuato, Technical University of Munich and  Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden), among others.

He won the Álejandro Ángel Escobar Prize 2005, Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences category for his work «Energía eléctrica a partir de las nubes de tormenta: avances en el proceso de captación y almacenamiento» (Electric energy from thunder clouds: advences at the capture and storing process).

He has obtained patents in Colombia and the United States of America.

Professor Román-Campos took office as Vice-Rector of Research on 4 May 2018.

(04 May 2018; English version: 11 July 2018)