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Carmen María Romero Isaza (2016-2018)

Carmen María Romero Isaza (2008) 

(Unimedios file photo)

Professor Carmen María Romero Isaza majored in Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1975, with honours for the work «Obtención de fertilizantes líquidos a partir de roca fosfórica nacional») and is a M. Sc. in Chemisty, also from (1981, cum laude, work «Energía potencial en soluciones»). She is a staff, tenured professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá campus, where she leads the research group on Classic Thermodynamics at the Faculty of Sciences, founded in 1987.

She was awarded the Alejandro Ángel Escobar Prize for Sciences in 1983, and the Juan Herkrath Medal in 2001.

Since 2001 she holds an authorisation to supervise Ph.D. thesis in Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

She was Campus Secretary at Bogotá campus between 2003 and 2012.

Professor Romero Isaza was the Vice-Rector of Research at Universidad Nacional de Colombia from 28 October 2016 until 3 May 2018.

(06 Oct 2017; Updated 04 May 2018)